gold filled daint stacking rings
LuluCherryJewelry is handmade in South Carolina. Everything is made using premium quality materials and I work only with reputable manufacturers to bring you jewelry you can trust to wear 24/7.

Why you will love LuluCherryJewelry

hypoallergenic, quality guaranteed, made in south carolina

What is Gold Filled?

gold filled stacking rings and gol filled stud earrings

Gold filled jewelry has 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry. By law, it is required to have 5% of gold by weight. Gold filled jewelry is typically rated to last 10-30 years, but with a little bit of care, it will last at least a lifetime. The way gold filled jewelry is created makes it extremely durable and less likely to tarnish, fade or chip. It's the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Gold filled is second to pure gold without the price tag.


What is Sterling Silver?

sterling silver stacking ring and sterling silver stud earrings

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper added to strengthen the silver. It is a hypoallergenic precious metal that is also a great option for everyday wear. When silver is expose to the elements in the air, it can darken over time. Your body oils help prevent the tarnishing process longer, which is why it's recommended to wear your sterling silver jewelry often. When not worn, store your sterling silver jewelry in a sealed baggie.